Zero Carbon Communities provides support and resources to empower your local community.

Zero Carbon Communities is an initiative of Beyond Zero Emissions designed to support local communities to reduce emissions and thrive. 

Zero Carbon Communities create jobs, support the local economy and help deliver a bright and vibrant society and environment.

Join us to connect with a network of people, clubs, groups, business and industry, investors and councils who are acting to reduce emissions at the local level.

Together we can create a national community committed to a Zero Carbon Australia.



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Fight for Planet A

The ABC’s new series Fight for Planet A – Our Climate Challenge is an entertaining, informative and empowering three part series packed with stunts, stats, tools and tips about how we can ALL be part of tackling the climate challenge by reducing our collective carbon emissions.  

Zero Carbon Communities is proud to partner with Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge, and is featured in their Community Solutions Plan.

Snapshot Climate

Everyone can now get a free Snapshot of your local community’s carbon emissions.

Snapshot provides nationally consistent, community-wide greenhouse gas profiles for every local government area in Australia. This is a world first! Share your profile to start a conversation about reducing local emissions and the jobs this can create.

“A tool like this is just so amazingly useful to foster and direct discussion, show actions that both Councils and community members are taking and be strategic and effective in planning next actions.” Cristel Chambers – community organiser and campaigner

The Snapshot community climate tool has been developed by Beyond Zero Emissions and Ironbark Sustainability.

Resources to get you started

Zero Carbon Communities Guide

The updated Zero Carbon Communities guide provides a simple framework and key steps to show how you can create a Zero Carbon Community.

Learn more about our Guide, our Million Jobs Plan, the Australian Local Government Climate Review and Snapshot Climate resources.

Zero Carbon Communities Guide

Key steps to show how you can create a Zero Carbon Community

Snapshot Climate Tool

Free emissions profile for every local government area in Australia.

Australian Local Government Climate Review

Discover what councils and communities are doing to tackle climate change.

The Million Jobs Plan

Australia can create millions of jobs while becoming a renewable energy superpower.

Find a local group

Looking for inspiration or want to find a local Zero Carbon Community group? Explore the map below to find groups and leading communities around Australia. Join today to add your community to the map.
Center map

What’s in it for my community?

The Zero Carbon Communities program supports community groups through:

  • Tools and resources
  • Training and events
  • Research and advice on funding options
  • Support through our volunteer program
  • Connection with other Zero Carbon Communities
  • Coordination with partner programs

Benefits for all communities

Benefits of working towards a Zero Carbon Community:

  • Cost savings 
  • New local jobs 
  • New investment and funding
  • Reduced emissions
  • Economic, social and environmental benefits
  • Increased public profile as a leading and innovative community

Zero Carbon Community profiles

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